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HALO The future of fluorocarbon fishing line is Co-Fluoride which blends various pure fluorocarbon crystals. This gives anglers the best combination of strength, sensitivity, castability and invisibility under water. Halo has a higher specific gravity, giving the line a much faster sink rate. Available in mist green. 

EVOLUTION A synergy formula of 3 complementary nylons and a special abrasion resistant additive with a strict extrusion tolerances to ensure the smoothest and strongest fishing line on the market. Evolution also has up to 40% lower stretch factor than other national brands which enables an angler to feel subtle strikes. Available in smoke silver.

HYDROFLOAT is a Spectra based line with a thermal fused coating. Although the line can be used in many applications and works well on both spinning and baitcasting reels, the specialty technique it was designed for was float fishing for both salmon and steelhead. The fused coating of HYDROFLOAT makes this line more buoyant than traditional Spectra lines, allowing the angler to have a drag free drift by always being able to see and manage the line on the surface. Unlike most Spectra lines that are very limp and suffer the dreaded "tip wrap" HYDROFLOAT has more body which helps eliminate this problem. When making long drifts, anglers will appreciate the fact that HYDROFLOAT has virtually no stretch, allowing you to have a positive hook set on extended drifts. Another added benefit is the high strength to diameter ratio of HYDROFLOAT. Watch your catch rates soar with HYDROFLOAT.

P-LINE FLUOROACRBON will improve your bite ratio. Fluorocarbon P-Line Fluorocarbon is extruded from the highest quality Japanese fluorocarbon crystals, ensuring the best knot and breaking strength available in a soft fluorocarbon line. As the educated angler knows, flourocarbon has a refractive index very close to that of water, making it invisible once it enters the water.

Because of its inherent qualities, this line absorbs very little water giving it great knot strength. Another benefit is the low stretch factor, allowing increased sensitivity to feel the lightest strikes.

SPECTREX IV transmits strikes better than any other line because of its near-zero stretch factor.

Spectrex IV Spectrex IV is a four carrier Spectra® braid. Each carrier has up to 60 strands of Honeywell's highest quality Spectra and is braided into a single line totaling up to 240 strands. The line is cross-linked with a color matrix locking the color into the fibers to ensure color stability. We then apply a reinforced resin system to increase tensile strength and make the line hydrophobic.

So what does this mean to the angler who is not an engineer? It means increased sensitivity because of near-zero stretch factor. It means increased line capacity because of the high strength in comparison to the diameter, and it means a line that has an unlimited life on the reel because the line is UV resistant and hydrophobic.

CXX X-TRA STRONG CRYSTAL CLEAR More anglers prefer clear line than any other color, which made CXX X-TRA Strong in the Crystal Clear color a natural addition to the family. Perfect for any water condition.

CXX X-TRA STRONG FLUORESCENT GREEN This bright fluorescent green line has been developed to meet the demands of anglers who need to manage their line while out on the water. The CXX X-TRA Strong Fluorescent retains all the same X-TRA Strong family characteristics: high knot strength, tremendous shock strength, and extreme abrasion resistance.

KNOTLESS TAPERED LEADER Combine P-Line's legendary abrasion resistance and suppleness with our new tapered leader product, and you've got a super strong butt section with a strong but limp tippet end for easy turn over and precise presentations. Available in crystal clear and stream green in our high quality copolymer formulation along with our highly regarded fluorocarbon in 0X through 7X tippet sizes in 7.5 and 9 ft. sizes.

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